Apr 20, 2018

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About Marketing Luxury Real Estate

You have certainly heard the expression, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to tune into the tastes and preferences of your client when selecting properties to show them, properties that they may like. Some homes may not appeal to you personally from an aesthetic standpoint. And, that is why you need to put aside your own standards to be of maximum help to your clients. However, when it comes to personal branding, that is the time to get personal and express yourself. Your personal brand, from an aesthetic perspective must reflect your own tastes, your core values and your own personality. Yet, you must take into consideration your target market. That is, who you intend to attract as ideal clients.

Who are your ideal clients? As it turns out, when you really think about it, your ideal clients are people who share your values. For example, if you value a lighthearted sense of humor, your ideal clients would definitely not be curmudgeon s, killjoys or wet blankets. In our strategic branding consulting practice our job is to help luxury real estate agents and companies dial into their unique DNA (different, not alike) and also dial into their target market. Then, we find a brand signal that can be expressed as a fusion of the two.your personal brand signal so that is harmonious with your target market without compromising your DNA or your integrity. The key is to express yourself fully and have fun in the process. Your ideal clients will have a much easier time finding you that way.

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Apr 20, 2018

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Luxury Real Estate – Location Is Essential

If you are ready to upgrade to a beautiful luxury home in Silicon Valley, there are many points you will want to consider when pinpointing the perfect house for you and your family to call home. While the style of the house and its specific amenities are important, most of the points you should consider surround the location of the luxury real estate. No matter whether your focus is to settle down for a long time or find a property that is sure to hold its value so you can sell eventually, location is the prime deciding factor for what luxury home you will buy.

The first thing you picture when you are told that location is important is the surroundings of the luxury real estate itself. This is essential because if your property is backed up against Highway 85, the noise from the traffic will destroy any time you have outside. Also, acreage is important not only in your personal enjoyment but in the value of the luxury real estate. To be considered an estate, generally an acre parcel of land is the minimum amount required to be considered an estate rather than a nice home with some land.

The second factor of a luxury real estate’s location is the economy. By choosing Silicon Valley as your location for finding prime luxury real estate, you will appreciate one of the best economies in the country. The housing market hit rock bottom in the first months of 2009, but since then it has been making a stronger comeback than other areas of the United States and even of California. The job market is strong and the time that homes are spending on the market has been decreasing over the past year. This is an excellent sign for the future of luxury homes in Silicon Valley.

Another aspect to consider is the recreational opportunities, schools and other services in the neighborhood in which you choose to settle down. Many locations in Silicon Valley have nature trails, golfing, tennis courts and more, especially estates that are located within gated communities. Not only are there many recreational opportunities, the neighborhoods here are clean and well-maintained as well. Schools are important to consider if you have children. Are they nearby? Is the school overcrowded? All these things should be taken into account in addition to the amenities and design of the luxury real estate you are thinking of buying.

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Apr 20, 2018

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Understanding Luxury Real Estate

What is luxury real estate, and what makes it different? Luxury real estate is available in almost every market in the world, but how does one distinguish between this type of property and other properties. Is it the price, style, or location? First, it is important to understand that luxury properties are targeted at the most prosperous economic groups in the world, but there is more to it than the people who buy it. Let’s take some time to discuss and define these types of property.

Luxury real estate can actually be defined differently depending on where you are. Characteristics of the property including the neighbourhood it is located in, the property’s views and landscaping, and other special features help to distinguish luxury properties from the rest. Nevertheless, the main feature of luxury property is its location. Beach front property with stunning ocean views, properties located in the most affluent neighbourhoods of a city, and those homes on large plots of land may be deemed luxurious. Some combination of lavish features including location, view, and facilities help characterize property as luxury.

In addition, in some areas just the price of a property alone makes it a luxury property. In North America, those homes and condos that are valued at more than a million dollars are often referred to as luxury property. This means that any real estate with the right value are considered superior to the rest. Homes priced in the average range are generally not considered luxury, and this should not be surprising. Generally speaking, the features of a home that increase its value are location, amenities, and facilities.

While one of the defining features of real estate is price, this is not the only distinction. Certainly, buyers purchasing luxury homes could possibly buy multiple average priced homes, but the process of purchasing luxury homes is also different. Most importantly, luxury property purchases usually take much longer to process. This is partially because clients interested in these properties tend to take their time; after all, they are spending a lot of money. However, even real estate and banking processes could be slowed with luxury real estate purchases simply because the client’s finances are often checked more rigorously.

Finally, the way that luxury properties are marketed is different from the standard home. You cannot show luxury homes to just any client, and the target market for luxury real estate will vary. In fact, typically, realtors market properties to local clients, but with luxury property, interested buyers may not be local to the area. Ultimately, the most expensive properties are marketed more carefully with professional photographers documenting many aspects of the home for use in brochures and other marketing materials.

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